Bioesthetic Dentistry is a method of rejuvenating the bite based on nature’s optimal biologic model. Dr. Bob Lee, a dentist and biologist discovered that about 5% of the population has no dental problems well into their advanced years. When he studied what they had in common, he discovered principles that could be applied to anyone’s mouth to restore function, comfort and beauty.

The Principles of Bioesthetic Dentistry:

  • The jaw joint must be aligned properly. Without proper alignment, teeth become worn and cracked, facial muscles tighten, jaws hurt and can cause headaches, neck and back pain.
  • The front teeth must be properly aligned with each other to guide the teeth into proper position.
  • The teeth must have proper form so that they fit together well to chew and guide, as well.
  • We welcome you to explore jaw joint problems as an alternative reason for your headaches, jaw pain, neck and shoulder pain.

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